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Learn more about how we do business by reading our service terms and conditions below:

  1. FlashDigital follows marketing guidelines, practices, and procedures of SEO industry standards. We focus on high-quality content including Google guidelines & technical and quality guidelines.
  2. We do not follow or encourage any blackhead methods or unethical SEO practices. These include keyword stuffing, fabricated reviews, invisible texts, and hidden links. We are always learning and adapting to new SEO trends.
  3. FlashDigital is an independent advertiser and we are not associated or have any relationship with any search engine.
  4. We do not guarantee any specific keyword ranking or listings on search engines. As we highly discourage any manipulation and cannot control search engine results, your rankings might fluctuate.
  5. The common method of our services includes but are not limited to keyword research, meta tag optimization, link optimization, image optimization, XML sitemap creation, inbound links, submitting websites to general and vertical directories, and utilization of Google products: Search Console and Google Analytics and more.
  6. When signed up for Google My Business Optimization, we are required to make changes to it as required to prioritize and improve ranking.
  7. We do not take responsibility for any delays caused by Google.
  8. We do not take any responsibility for listings suspended by Google. In case suspension happens, the client is required to provide supporting documents to file for reinstatement.

In case of cancelation of any service, the client is required to inform us 15 days before the cancellation of service and clear all dues on the account.