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Mind-Blowing Google Maps Statistics for 2023

mind-blowing Google Maps Statistics for 2023

Google Maps is a web service offering comprehensive data about places and areas to the entire world. It provides aerial and satellite views of many sites in addition to traditional road maps. In some cities, Google Maps provides street views of images captured by moving vehicles. Several services get offered as part of the broader online application. For instance, a route planner provides instructions for those using public transportation, bicycles, cars, and walking to get from one place to another. For amateur astronomers, additional services include photographs of the moon, Mars, and the skies. Some mind-blowing Google Maps Statistics for 2023 are listed here.

Verified and Updated Google Maps Statistics for 2023  

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Google Maps Summary Statistics

We’ll begin by giving you a general overview of mind-blowing Google Maps Statistics for 2023, so you can appreciate its scope and reach. 

  1. More than 220 nations and territories offer Google Maps. (The Keyword)
  2. Google Maps now supports 40 languages after the addition of 39 new ones. (The Keyword)
  3. As of 2019, Google Street View operations using the Street View car and trekker have gathered more than 170 billion photographs from 87 countries. (The Keyword)
  4. Since Google Maps started integrating Google My Business, customers can get comprehensive information about nearby businesses. (AlphaBeta)
  5. Google Maps utilizes roughly 5MB every hour. (Ting)
  6. Despite being the default mapping program on many Android smartphones, Google Maps received over 25 million downloads in the US in 2021. (Statista)
  7. With an overall rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store, Google Maps has received over 10 billion downloads. (Play Store for Google)
  8. Google Maps is used to drive more than 1 billion kilometers per day. (The Keyword)
  9. Google Maps features a community of 120 million Local Guides to assist you while traveling. (The Keyword)
  10. More than 20 million bits of data are added to Google Maps every day by users, or 200 every second. (Cloud Google)

Mind-blowing Google Maps Statistics for 2023 and Usage

After looking at Google Maps’ widespread use, let’s examine the platform’s utilization figures.

By being active on the platform and making yourself discoverable to customers who search for you directly or through Google, the data will assist you in understanding the audience you may reach.

  1. Every month, more than a billion individuals use Google Maps. (Cloud Google)
  2. Google Maps Platform’s products get used by 2.5 million active apps and websites. (Cloud Google)
  3. Google Maps usage gets broken down into the following categories. (SimilarTech)
  4. Samsung appears to be the top website using Google Maps integration. (SimilarTech)
  5. Many websites that integrated Google maps into their sites got located in the United States. (SimilarTech)
  6. Google Maps ranked fourth among all smartphone apps in the US due to a 56% smartphone penetration rate. (Statista)
  7. Google Maps got used by 72% of all map users. (Statista)
  8. Among smartphone owners, 67% claim to routinely use Google Maps, whereas only 12% claim to use Waze, the second-most popular navigation program that Google purchased in 2013. (The Manifest)

Statistics on Google Maps’ Accuracy

Without a doubt, Google Maps is well-liked. But how accurate is it?

  • The Ancoris case study indicates that February 2021 confirms the precision of Google Maps’ time calculations. 
  • This Premium Google Cloud Partner claims that Google Maps is now more accurate than it was in the past.
  • According to the anchors, it was right 23% of the time. In addition, it miscalculated the distance traveled 38% of the time and the length of the journey 39% of the time. 
  • This study used an average distance of 56 trips and a duration of 18 miles and 32 minutes. The extra travel time was typically 1.8 minutes.
  • It is fantastic how challenging it is to predict traffic.
  • They do not include journeys involving auto accidents.
  • TripAdvisor users believe Google Maps to be inaccurate.

How accurate are Google Maps’ estimates of travel times?

If you inquire, TripAdvisor users would likely acknowledge that some of their evaluations are a little off—typically, overly positive. Some users think the application overlooks essential factors, such as the weather.

The majority of these comments, nevertheless, were made in the past. Users laud the application because it is frequently updated.

Users using navigational software believe Google Maps offers the best directions.

25% of those who use navigation apps on their smartphones praise the app for providing correct directions. According to 17% of users, it is the most reliable source for people who don’t drive.

Additionally, 20% of users utilize this application because it contains the capabilities they want, per these Google Maps statistics. 20% of people praise the user interface. (The Manifest)

Google Maps traffic data predict how long it will take to get somewhere.

The Google Maps app forecasts the traffic on your route using machine learning. It does this by looking at historical patterns, the state of the roads, usual speeds, and other aspects. Local details get considered, such as speed limits and no-movement zones.

Google Maps also made algorithmic improvements to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic developments. It now gives content accessible for at least two to four weeks straight a higher priority.

Final Reflections

  • If you want people to find your business online, Google Maps is crucial.
  • I hope today’s Google Maps statistics prove helpful for you:
  • Understand the platform’s audience
  • What consumers look for in a decent navigation app
  • How many people use different navigation apps, such as Apple Maps?
  • Information on Google Maps Platform free credits.

To develop an informed local marketing strategy, I advise you to look at local SEO and business statistics. Contact us immediately if you need assistance enhancing your local business’s visibility on the maps.

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